Sydney Solvents 5 Litre Solvents and Cleaning Products

Sydney Solvents have a range of 5 Litre items to help you get the job done. 5 Litres are the perfect size being in the middle of 1 litre, which may not be enough, and 20 Litres which may be too much. Our 5 Litres are easy and convenient to use, and when stored in a dry cool place with the lid on, solvents will last you for years.

Our range of solvents includes acetone, bioethanol, isopropyl alcohol, xylene, toluene, floor cleaner, dishwashing liquid and more. Not all our products are in 5 litre sizes but the majority of them are. At Sydney Solvents we have gained an enviable reputation for the production and supply of premium solvents and chemicals used in both commercial and industrial industries. All your solvent needs are in one place.