Multi Purpose Cleaner

Keeping your house clean every day just got a little easier with our Multi-Purpose spray and wipe cleaner. When you clean a little bit each day it means that your house will remain clean and fresh, which is what you want as it keeps it germ-free and safe for your family.

Our all-purpose cleaner is great on a wide variety of surfaces and helps tackle everyday messes, dirt, and grime. Our cleaner is ideal for all surfaces like tabletops, bench tops, walls, and more. When using the cleaning you will get an instant freshness as it has a pleasant perfume.

Top 5 Tips for a Clean Space

1. Multi-Purpose Cleaner- Always have a multi-purpose cleaner handy to ensure benches, cupboards, chairs, and you can even spray the carpet to ensure a fresh smell.

2. Make time to clean - Set out a time to clean so that you know it needs to be done. We do a big clean every week, with daily cleaning, and no matter how often there is always dirt!

3. Isopropyl Alcohol – If you don’t have it, you If you need to get rid of finger marks on the microwave, windows or cupboards use Isopropyl Alcohol for a streak-free finish. Isopropyl Alcohol also kills germs acting as a disinfectant.

4.Tile Cleaner – If you have floor tiles like us, keeping them clean is a must! Our Pristine Bathroom Cleaner is highly concentrated and gets rid of the mud, and built up dirt our workers bring in on the floor. Soak the mop in ½ of Pristine Bathroom Cleaner with warm water for the best results.

5. Keyboards, Phones and Calculators – These three items carry the most bacteria, a daily wipe down is necessary! Use Isopropyl Alcohol to wipe them down or a pleasant-smelling disinfectant to stop the spread of germs.