Paint Prep

When painting any surface like the bathroom, kitchen or walls it is important to ensure the surface is clean from any contaminants. Our solvents help with thinning out paints and cleaning up the tools after the job is done.

White spirits and mineral turps are perfect for cleaning up any spilled paint on the brushes, hands or some floors. It is an easy general-purpose paint clean up. It will break down the paint allowing for easy removal.

Multi Thinner helps thin out most paints as well as assists with clean up. When you are trying to thin out acrylic paints or epoxy paints it is best to use these to thin out the paint and clean up. This is because the solvents used to make up the thinners are designed to specially break down and thin out acrylic and epoxy paints.

If you are unsure which thinner you need, please do not hesitate to contact us as we are happy to help.