Bathroom Shower, Basin Mould Remover

No one likes mould in the bathroom and that’s why you need Sydney Solvents’ Bathroom Wiz to remove mould. The mould remover is a fast actioning product that outperforms most disinfectants to remove mould and prevent it from coming back. Get to cleaning in your shower now with this powerful bathroom cleaner that removes mould, built up bathroom grime, and is an all-purpose bathroom cleaner. The only thing that will kill mould is bleach, otherwise, it will just keep coming back, luckily the bathroom wiz is bleach-based to help you remove mould.

Why Choose Bathroom Wiz?

Australian-made and only quality ingredients are found in bathroom wiz. It is a highly concentrated formula where a little goes a long way and can be used to dilute down to suit your needs. The bleach in the product will fight against mould and kill bacteria, leaving you with a fresh clean bathroom. You can count on Sydney Solvents for high-quality products.