Floor Cleaner

All of our floor cleaning products are proudly 100% Australian made. Offering both powder and liquid variants of floor cleaner, we are sure to have a product to suit your needs! Check out our liquid floor cleaner for more household appropriate uses, and see the powder cleaner for more heavy-duty tasks.

Sydney Solvents all-purpose Floor Cleaner is great for use on a whole variety of surfaces. It is the best solution for cleaning tiles, timber polished floors, concrete, marble, travertine, and vinyl. As well as uplifting dirt, greases, grime, and killing bacteria, our floor cleaner also leaves a fresh and pleasant smell. Environmentally friendly & phosphate-free, this is an excellent product to keep any household environment clean, protected and family-friendly.

Our Concrete Cleaning Powder is great in all environments, but especially effective in workshops, concrete floors, garages and driveways. The heavy-duty powerful formula removes dirt, oil and grease stains on most floors and leaves a powerful and clean finish and is suitable for the tough jobs.