Thinners are referred to as solvents that thin out the paint or solution to thin it out for easy application. We have three types of thinners multi-thinner, acrylic thinner and epoxy thinner.

Multi thinner is an effective all-purpose thinner that is used for painting preparation and clean up. Apply a small amount onto a cloth when cleaning paint up works to erase mistakes whilst painting.

Acrylic Thinner assists with improving the consistency of paints, provides a glossy finish and is fast drying. Clean paints brushes – even with heavy built up oils and paints, the thinner can be used to dissolve and break down for an easy clean. Use acrylic thinner to thin out acrylic based paints.

Epoxy thinner assists with cleaning up general paint messes and can be used as a degreaser. The epoxy thinner is perfect for thinning out epoxy based coatings and paints.

Our thinner range commonly comes in 1, 5, 20, and 200 litres. If you need a custom formulation or size please do not hesitate to contact us as we are happy to assist.