Cyclohexanone is an organic solvent that is a pale yellow liquid with a pleasant odour. The flashpoint of cyclohexanone is 45 ºC making is a flammable product with a boiling range of 153-158 ºC. The density of cyclohexanone is 0.948, which means it is less dense than water.  Cyclohexanone is a six-carbon cyclic molecule with a ketone functional group. The organic compound is slow to medium evaporation rate with minimum residue upon drying.

Cyclohexanone Uses

Cyclohexanone has good solvency in both hydrocarbons and chemical solvents, which means that it mixes well and is miscible in most organic solvents.

Cyclohexanone is an important chemical solvent used in a variety of industries, in particular, the paints and printing industry. Cyclohexanone is also a major ingredient for the manufacture of herbicides, anti-histamines and a major catalyst for polyester and synthetic resins. Cyclohexanone is also a major additive in lacquers and paints to prevent blushing and as a solvent for PVC printing inks.

Cyclohexanone Hazards

When using cyclohexanone it is important to be careful as it is a dangerous product. Repeated exposure or skin contact with cyclohexanone will cause dermatitis, and it is important to note that inhalation of the product can cause irritation to the respiratory system. If you have sensitive skin it is recommended to use chemical resistant gloves.