Industrial Cleaning Products

When you need a job that is not the norm and requires a bit more extra grit, then Sydney Solvents industrial cleaning products are the ones you need. Each product is designed for the ultimate mess at hand. We know industrial workshops and factories have more than your average build up of dirt and grime, and that’s why our products are formulated to tackle the situation with ease.

In the industrial product range we have a variety of products from degreasers, to hand cleaners, and more. Each products are easy to use, and have more than just one use so that it is cost effective to have in your workshop. When keeping your factory clean, it makes the space you work in better and it also prevents any injuries occurring as the workplace is kept in a clean and tidy manner.

Tips on keeping the factory clean:

  • Workout what is your weekly cleaning e.g. sweeping the floors, windows, and daily mess up, and monthly cleaning list such as giving the workshop floors a good clean, wiping down all shelving, etc. Workout a plan so it is being kept on top of each day.
  • Always put items away in the right spot so that they can be easily found and so that nothing is left out to be tripped over. At Sydney Solvents everything in our warehouse is labelled so that it can be easily found.
  • Use grit hand cleaner to always keep your hands free from grease and grime. The hand cleaner has microbeads in order to give extra bit of grit when cleaner.