Parts Wash Cleaner

Parts Wash cleaner is a clear liquid also known narrow cut kerosene is a solvent degreaser used in parts washer. The flash point of parts wash is 79ºC with a boiling range of 198-237 ºC. It is a refined hydrocarbon with a slow evaporation rate and is safer to use compared to other solvents. Sydney Solvents parts wash cleaner has a high flash point which makes it safe to use within the work shop because it is non-flammable. Higher flash point reduces the risk of hazardous and is defined as non-dangerous goods.

Parts Wash Uses

The product is used in a variety of applications similar to kerosene. Parts Wash is used in degreasing formulations, ideal as a parts bath due to its slow evaporation rate and high flash point. It is specially formulated to wash and degrease parts to wash machine or soak. It can be used in road maintenance, mechanical workshops and engineering sectors as a cleaning solvent. Using Parts Wash has a cutter has proven to be more effective in the binders’ ability to “wet” the aggregate surface in spray and sealing applications.