Solvent D60

Solvent D60 us a petroleum-based product also known as hydrotreated light. The flashpoint is 63°C and the boiling range is 182-222°C. Solvent D60 has an aromatic content of 0.2% with a specific gravity of 0.77. The product is characterised as a complex combination of hydrocarbons obtained by treating a petroleum fraction with hydrogen in the presence of a catalyst. Solvent D60 is characterised as having a low odour which can be an alternative to mineral turpentine, white spirits or kerosene.

Solvent D60 Uses

Solvent D60 has a high level of solvency of greases, oils and general dirt, which can often be found in a range of formulations when a boost of solvency is required. Solvent D60 has an extremely high flashpoint which assists when cleaning and degreasing metal works. The chemical can be used in automotive workshops and other factory purposes. Solvent D60 is also found in a range of traditional formulations due to its versatility and blends that require low odour.