Throttle Body and Carburetor Cleaner | Carby Cleaner

Carby Cleaners help to maximise the performance of the carburettor. They are highly imperative for the longevity of the engine. You can notice a considerable improvement in the performance of your vehicle after using Carby cleaners. Made from superior quality materials the throttle body and carburettor cleaners are a popular addition to any garage as they prevent the engine from stalling and sputtering. The Carby cleaners are specifically formulated to quickly and easily remove unwanted varnish deposits and maintains your engine which leads to better fuel efficiency.

Throttle Body and Carby Cleaner is known as Carburettor Cleaner dissolves carburettor deposits inside and out. Sydney Solvents carby cleaner is the best carby cleaner because it saves you money as you are not paying per the can that only lasts a few days but buying in bulk. Our carburettor cleaner is perfect for cleaning small engine parts and flashes off nicely to leave little to no residue behind.

Some of the advantages of a Throttle Body and Carby Cleaner include:

  • Helps to reduce smoke.
  • Cleans carburettor efficiently.
  • Maximises the performance of your carburettor.
  • Increases the life of the vehicle.

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