Outdoor Products

Sydney Solvents offers essential products to help with your outdoor needs. For both mould removal in damp areas and keeping away all those annoying bugs in the summertime, we have the product for you.

Sydney Solvents’ Lazy Man’s Wet and Forget is an outdoor mould remover which breaks down and kills mould cells over time. It is highly recommended to spray the mould and leave it for a while, allowing time for the product to break down the mould – it won’t work instantly! A huge bonus to this product is that it doesn’t contain bleach, so it is safe to use on a variety of surfaces without damaging them. Suitable for use on roofs/roofing tiles, gutters, canvas, timber, PVC & Aluminium windows, outdoor furniture and pots, concrete, paint work, and much more – just ask us!

For an effective bug repellent look no further than Sydney Solvents Fly Repellent. The product can be used to clean outdoor surfaces and its formulated concentrate derived from a plant-based product known as pyrethrum that naturally deters flies, cockroaches, mosquitos and other bugs away. The product will work its magic to uplift dirt and mess, whilst leaving a layer of protection to repel bugs and flies, making it a perfect option for use in outdoor entertainment areas.