Solvent Degreaser

Solvent Degreaser is a heavy-duty degreaser suitable for bitumen, asphalt and tar. Formulated with a mix of hydrocarbons the solvent degreaser was made for the tough areas in need. It is used to break down and rapidly breakdown grease, contaminants, sludge and oil residue.

Sydney Solvents degreaser is not an all-purpose degreasing type product as it is quite heavy duty and solvent based. The product is developed to be used for profession use to remove grease, brake dust, asphalt, silicone and other contaminants. It is important to know using it on a paint surface make sure you thoroughly wash off as it may affect paints.

Solvent degreaser is an effective solvent based degreaser with many uses. The product is used straight in order to rapidly penetrate the soiled area. The degreaser can be used on metal chains, concrete, agricultural and marine equipment, motor chains, gardening equipment, asphalt, tar, and other industrial equipment. If you are unsure always best to ask us.