Concrete Floor Cleaner

Sydney Solvents concrete floor cleaner both liquid and powder are amazing cleaners for your workshop, concrete floors and driveway. It is the best way to clean concrete floors as the formula is designed to penetrate concrete floors making it not a normal floor cleaner.  The products are 100% Australian made with the best ingredients to ensure it cleans and uplifts dirt from your floors safely.

There are two types of floor cleaner one is liquid and the other is powder. If you are wanting to remove oil and grease stains from concrete floors than the liquid product is recommended. The powder is considered to be a more heavy-duty clean as you sprinkle on the powder, let it settle in and use a hose to wash it away.

Tips When Cleaning Concrete Floors

It is important to ensure the area is clean, free from loose leaves dirt and other contaminants so it is best to give the area a good sweep. Then using either the concrete liquid or powder, use it on the area to clean, best to always use a brush and a scrub to get it that extra clean, especially for heavily soiled, oily areas. Once this is complete, use warm water to mop and clean it up. Always best to maintain the area so it remains clean, safe and fresh.