Bleach is referred to as a product used to brighten, disinfect, clean or remove stains. Bleach is also known as sodium hypochlorite that is used as a common product across all industries both commercially and domestically to clean. Our bleach is 12.5% which means it is very strong when fighting against bacteria. The powerful strength is used for cleaning, removing stubborn stains and more. Effective for cleaning white as it brightens as well as nappies, and as a general household product.

Bleach Uses

  • Bleaching agent
  • Controls mould and fungus
  • Disinfectant and clean
  • Whitens tile and grout
  • Cleans toilets

Is it good to clean with bleach?

Bleach is known as a disinfectant which means that it kills germs and bacteria. It does not mean it is necessarily a cleaner, rather you should use it as a surface treatment before cleaning the area. It is important to know that bleach is an extremely strong product and you should always take caution when using it. There are so many things that bleach can do, which does make it a popular cleaning product to have in your cupboard.