Kerosene is a clear, colourless liquid with a distinct smell. Our clear Kerosene is exactly the same as blue kerosene that is commonly found in a variety of retailers, but the only difference is the dye, which we do not add into our Kerosene, making ours 100% pure kerosene with no additives.

Kerosene is commonly used as fuel for kerosene heaters. Some customers when looking for fuel are after different grades of kerosene due to the sulphur content, however you will find our kerosene will work perfect for your heater as it is very pure and doesn't have the suplhur.

Kerosene can be bought from our local Penrith warehouse or you can order online for delivery. We have many customer who come in to buy kerosene for their heaters, and also use it as a degreaser in their workshop.

Common Question - Kerosene vs. High Flash Kerosene

When it comes to using Kerosene as a degreaser, High Flash Kerosene works similar but is a much safer product, especially for the work place. The higher flash point of the Kerosene means that it is less prone to igniting compared to Kerosene. Both work similar so it is up to you which one you use.