Disinfectant & Bleach

Sydney Solvents offers an excellent variety of disinfectants as well as a powerful bleach product, suitable for use in households and workplaces alike.

With five different scented disinfectants, we’re sure to have a scent you love! All of our disinfectant varieties are hospital grade (meaning it’s the highest grade) and are ideal for sanitising, disinfecting and general-purpose cleaning. This product is suitable for use in a whole variety of places, including hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, laboratories, childcare centres, schools, households, and nursing homes – just about everywhere! Apply disinfectant to any environmental surfaces or medical equipment to keep your home or work environment germ-free! Check out the different fragrances of eucalyptus, fruity, jellybean, lemon and talc.

Bleach is referred to as a product used to brighten, disinfect, clean or remove stains. Bleach is also known as sodium hypochlorite that is used as a common product across all industries both commercially and domestically to clean. Our bleach is 12.5% which means it is very strong when fighting against bacteria. The high grade of strength provides a high quality clean, removal of stubborn stains and more. Effective for whitening surfaces like tile and grout, cleans toilets, controls mould and fungus and can be used as a cleaning disinfectant.