White Spirit

White Spirit is a clear colourless liquid hydrocarbon that is widely used across a variety of different industries and is commonly referred to as a turpentine substitute. The flashpoint of white spirit is 42ºC and the boiling point is between 149-194ºC with a specific gravity of 0.78. White spirit has a good level of solvency which means that it mixes well with other solvents. It has a controlled mid-range evaporation rate and leaves no residue upon drying. White spirit is a petroleum-based solvent.

White Spirit Uses

White spirit has a wide variety of uses because it is such a versatile product. It can be used to thin out oil-based paint, which is achieved when following the instructions of the paint supplier (it can vary between suppliers). The solvent can be used to remove waxes, stains, and polishes, as it is a great degreasing solvent used in different products such as paints, lacquers, varnishes, and asphalt. It is a great degreaser for tools, parts, and machinery. Often white spirit can be referred to as “dry cleaning fluid”.

White Spirits vs. Turpentine

Both white spirits and turpentine are distilled solvents that are commonly used for cleaning. Turpentine is considered to be more dangerous than white spirits as it is highly flammable and can irritate the skin and eyes. However, both work quite similar depending on the application.

White Spirit SDS