Laundry Soaker

Premium laundry soaker is an Australian made fabric stain remover. The highly concentrated formula works to remove most types of stains even old dry stains. Sydney Solvents’ premium laundry soaker works to Cleans, brightens, softens, sanitises and deodorizes white nappies and all-white cotton fabrics. The enzymes work together to fight against tough stains and uplift the dirt, leaving your clothes clean and fresh. If your kids have dirty soccer gear, or you’ve dropped red win, or maybe it's just a mixture of all different messes, this premium soaker is the one you need.

Why Choose Sydney Solvents Premium Soaker?

When you use a product that is formulated with the end result in mind rather trying to make more profit like the large supermarkets, you notice the difference in the wash outcome and how much you use. Using Sydney Solvents’ laundry soaker your built-in stains are easily uplifted because the ingredients are high quality and highly concentrated making them very cost-effective as you use less to wash. Not only that, our laundry soaker is enzyme enriched which helps kill bacteria and freshen clothes.