Lazy Mans Mould Control

If you have a mould affect area and you’re trying to get rid of it, this is the product you need. When spraying onto the surface, it will work into the cells of the mould-breaking it down overtime and killing it. It doesn’t kill it straight away as it doesn’t contain bleach, which is good, so it means you can use it on a variety of surfaces and it won’t cause damage. Ideal for cleaning mould off outdoor areas where mildew is produced such as damp areas, roof tiles and walls. Spray and leave. Mould control is a safe product used for the control of mould, mildew & algae on a range of surfaces.

The product is super concentrated so a little goes a long way. Sydney Solvents Lazy Mans Mould works the best when sprayed onto the surface and left. It is perfect when you are wanting to remove mould for the long-term, it won’t work straight away, you do need to leave it on (do not wash off) for it to work. Leaving the product helps target the regrowth of mould to slow down growth and attack the growth.

Where to Use – Any Exterior Surface:

  • Roof
  • Roofing Tiles
  • PVC & Aluminium windows
  • Gutters
  • Canvas
  • Paths & walkways
  • Timber
  • All cladding
  • Outdoor furniture and pots
  • Concrete
  • Paint work
  • & More – Just Ask