Sydney Solvents has a range of products suitable to meet all of your degreasing needs. Whether you need industrial or household degreasers, vehicular washes or rust inhibitors, Sydney Solvents has the product for you.

Degreaser is a chemical product used to dissolve water-insoluble substances - such as grease and oil - from hard surfaces. It is most commonly used on surfaces such as floors, machinery, and tools in both households and workplaces. Sydney Solvents offers three different types of Degreasers.

The Sydney Solvents Detergent-Based Degreaser is an alkaline-based, all-purpose and environmentally friendly product yet also extremely powerful due to its detergent-based formula. It is suitable for the removal of fat and grease from kitchens, canopies, vinyl, ceramic tiles, walls, floors, and truck curtains on truck liners. On top of that, the Detergent-Based Degreaser does not negatively affect plastics, rubber, metal, glass or cured paintwork.

The Eze Blast Away Workshop Degreaser is tailored more specifically towards effective use in the workshop as it does not affect ducco or alloy. As an attribute of its caustic based formula, it is highly effective within the automotive industry as it excels at removing grease, grime and other build-ups on engine parts.

Sydney Solvents also supplies a Solvent-Based Degreaser, better for application in situations concerning bitumen, asphalt, and tar. Designed for professional use, our solvent-based degreaser is formulated with a mix of hydrocarbons and made for cleaning the tough. Solvent degreaser will not affect automotive paint or alloy. It is used to rapidly break down grease, contaminants, sludge and oil residue.

All Degreaser products are available in 1L, 5L, 20L, 200L and 1000L sizes.