Perfume 95PGF4 Ethanol Alcohol

Perfume Grade Ethanol is referred to as 95PGF4 Ethanol that is designed to be suitable to use as a perfume base. The reason for this is that this ethanol, unlike regular ethanols, has very low to a neutral odour. Perfume grade alcohol has a flashpoint of 11ºC with a boiling range of 78-83ºC and a specific gravity of 0.8. The perfume alcohol is 95% and contains 5% water and denaturant so that it cannot be consumed. The F4 solution means that it has an additive that is quite bitter and unpalatable for drinking, but it is designed to work with other fragrances.

Make Your Own Perfume

If you want to make your own perfume our perfume grade alcohol is perfect as an alcohol base. Depending on what you desire to make anything is possible, and it is always fun to play around with different fragrances. Often you will find formulas break up the perfume into three sections top notes (lavender, lemon, orange, lemon, etc.), middle notes (nutmeg, geranium, black pepper, etc.) base notes (pine, sandalwood, vanilla), and of course alcohol to pull it all together.  It is important to know that different fragrances will react differently so it is important to test and trial. This is due to the different fragrance structures and the solubility of oils.