Car and Truck Wash

Sydney Solvents Car Wash is a powerful product with a nourishing wash and long-lasting shine. After the work you’ve put into carefully cleaning your car with our car wash, you’ll step back and realise you chose the right product for the job. The foaming wash deeply uplifts dirt and grime to give your car a freshness its been missing leaving a layer of wax for a great shine and non-streaking finish.

The product is super concentrated so a little goes a long way. Sydney Solvents car wash works the best when using it in pressure cleaner and will have your car looking like it has just been snowed on, it’s got intense foam with a lot of power. You can even clean using it with a bucket and sponge, either way it will have a great finish. The product will work its magic to remove road grime, oil film, fuel soot and more. What’s even a bonus is that the car wash is environmentally friendly.

3 Tips on Washing Your Car

  1. Choose the right cleaner – it’s important to choose a cleaner that’s actually going to clean. Luckily, Sydney Solvents Magic Car Wash is a powerful cleaner that is going to clean and not dull the paint.
  2. Use two buckets – one for to assist with rinsing your sponge after cleaning the car and the other is a fresh bucket of Sydney Solvents Car Wash. This is smart cleaning, otherwise you’ll just be putting the dirt back onto the car, and we want to work smarter not harder.
  3. Don’t wash in direct sunlight – You might think great the sun is out but sometimes when it comes to washing your car the bright sun can make it harder. It is better to wash when the sun isn’t as strong so that the foaming wash doesn’t dry up leaving your car looking dirty.