Acetone is a flammable clear colourless liquid that is 99.99% with less than 0.05% of moisture content making it very pure. Acetone is miscible in water and as well with other solvents. 

Acetone Uses

There are a variety of uses such as cleaning up superglue and residue, being used as a nail polish remover and some mechanics replace their cleaners to use straight acetone.

Acetone can be used as nail polish remover and is used as a shellac and SNS soaker for the nails. It is quite a strong solvent to use and can sometimes dry out the hands. Other uses include cleaning coffee stains off cups, melt and dissolve Styrofoam, remove paint from windows, clean and sanitise areas like your keyboard, phone, and other areas, dissolve superglue, erase permanent marker marks, and much more.

If you are looking for anhydrous acetone it is quite difficult to find but you will find that Sydney Solvents acetone is very pure. The small percentage of moisture can often evaporate leaving with pure acetone.