Brake Cleaner

Brake fluid cleaner is a clear flammable liquid hydrocarbon. Brake cleaner evaporates quickly leaving little to no residue behind. The flashpoint of is <0°C making it highly flammable, with a boiling range of 50-135°C. The product is characterised as fast drying, low residue as a contact cleaner, and is a relatively weak solvent so it will be unlikely to affect the surface of most materials.

Brake cleaner bunnings or brake cleaner wurth works very much the same to the Sydney Solvents brake cleaner.

Brake Cleaner Uses

Brake cleaner refers to the fluid suitable for cleaning discs and drum brakes and as all-purpose type degreaser. It removes brake fluid, oils, brake wear deposits and other contaminants that are found within such as linings, pads, cylinders and springs. Our brake cleaner dries fast, leaving very little residue behind and can be applied easily.

When cleaning your brakes for your car it is one of the best ways to keep your car in good condition. It’s quite easy and keeps your brakes dust-free, which prolongs the lifespan of the brakes and keeps you safe. Our brake fluid is high quality and very cost-effective.

If you need assistance with choosing brake cleaner or finding a product that suits you, please do not hesitate to ask as we are happy to help.

Brake Cleaner vs degreaser

If you are looking at cleaning your brakes, it is important to use either a brake cleaner or sometimes even a carby cleaner. Although brake cleaner is a degreaser type product, it is designed perfectly to clean the brakes whereas some degreasers are not. Other degreasers can be too strong.


We Supply Brake Cleaner from One to Two-Hundred Litres

While the clear, flammable liquid cleans the surface of brake discs and drums, you can use brake cleaner as a multi-purpose degreaser. When you apply brake cleaner, it removes the debris and restores the parts to a better condition. Furthermore, it doesn’t leave behind a residue for you to clean. Sydney Solvents supply all types of chemicals that are effective in various industries. 

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