Isopar G

Isopar G is a hydrocarbon solvent with a lower odour in comparison to white spirits and kerosene. The low aromatic characteristic ensures lower potential for attack of plastics and rubbers. The flash point of Isopar G is 41ºC and the boiling range is 150-200ºC. Isopar G is often called firelight, fire twirling fuel, isoroll G, as well as other names. 

Isopar G Uses

Isopar G is an industrial solvent used in the manufacturing of plastics and cleaning chemicals. The product is used in the industrial, professional and consumer applications such as manufacturing process, metal working, and agricultural chemical formulations. Isopar G can be used as rolling oil for ColorbondTM and aluminium roofing sheets. It is a great solvency of greases, oils and general dirt.

Firelighting Fuel

Isopar G is often used as a premium firefighting fuel. It has quite a clear burn which is great for performances. Has a low odour as well.