Hospital-grade disinfectant is the highest grade of disinfectant to fight and kill against germs. Hospital-grade disinfectant is used when you need to ensure hygiene is a priority in environments like doctor’s surgeries, hospitals, laboratories, in childcare, at school, in the home, nursing homes, and other places where it needs to be germ-free. It works to disinfect, clean, kill bacteria and deodorize areas.

Hospital Grade disinfectant can be used on medical equipment, and on other surfaces like environmental surfaces. The high grade means that it is suitable for hospital settings, which means it’s amazing in killing the germs within the household, especially with kids around you need to keep a clean environment.

Our disinfectant kills germs and is ideal for disinfecting, sanitising and general-purpose household cleaning. You can also use our product to sanitise baby items, children’s toys, and other items to protect against germs. We use it to wipe down benches, keyboards, phones, handles, kitchens, bathroom, and we even spray it on the carpet to leave a fresh scent.

Our Top 5 Uses For Disinfectant Everyday:

1. When vacuuming spray the disinfectant to leave a fresh smell.

2. Cleaning down all benches and cupboards.

3. Cleaning the phone, keyboards, and mouse.

4. Removing germs and stopping the spread of germs on door handles, and railings

5. Keep the bins smelling fresh.