Hand Cleaner

Sometimes hand cleaner can’t cut through the grease but our formulas are highly concentrated with quality ingredients to remove tough grime. Formulated for industrial use so we have tested it on a wide variety of automotive, manufacturing industries to ensure it works for your needs. This product will quickly uplift grease and leave your hands feeling fresh. You only need a little bit as it goes a long way and is very cost-effective.

Industrial Strength Hand Cleaner is designed to remove the unwanted built-up grease and grime that is found in a hard day’s work. Hand cleaner is great to use in the workshop, onsite and in automotive workshops. Perfect for a mechanic, factory worker, plumber, bricklayer, anyone who is getting their hands dirty and needs a refresh, Sydney Solvents hand cleaner is the one you need.

Three Types of Industrial Hand Cleaner 

Industrial Strength Hand Cleaner is a citrus based hand cleaner with small grit beads in order to cut through the grease on the hands but leaves them fresh with a citrus fragrance. This hand cleaner is recommended in all situation where superior performance is required.

Griti Hand Cleaner is a natural compound waterless formula designed to leave the hands clean and fresh. The gel-based product has small grit beads so when you are washing your hands it works as a way to uplift the dirt with the friction of the beads against the dirt. If you are wanting a natural, water-based product this is the hand cleaner you need.

Citragel Hand Cleaner is a gel-based product that doesn’t contain grit beads. It is a softening formula that is gentle on the skin leaving your hands with a citrus fragrance. If you are needing a good hand cleaner without the grit, this product is recommended.