Bathroom Cleaner

Bathroom cleaners need to be tough to fight against the room with the largest amount of bacteria in the home or office. Keeping the bathroom clean is no easy task, but with Sydney Solvents bathroom cleaner quality ingredients it makes the job a lot easier to get it done. There are two types of bathroom cleaners one is an all-purpose bathroom cleaner and the other is a powerful bleach-based bathroom cleaner.

Our bathroom cleaners are designed to ensure germs are removed and to kill bacteria. It is important to understand that not all bathroom cleaners disinfect, and if they don’t act like a disinfectant, the germs are merely getting moved around and not killed. When you start cleaning with high-quality ingredients you’ll notice a difference in the impact on the bathroom, leaving it fresher and cleaner than before.

Advantages of Sydney Solvents bathroom cleaners:

  1. Kills bacteria and germs
  2. Keeps the environment fresher
  3. Quality ingredients make cleaning easier

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