Toluene is a clear colourless liquid hydrocarbon that is also an alternative equivalent of Benzene. It is a highly flammable product. The toluene flashpoint is 4ºC and the boiling point is 110-111ºC with a specific gravity of 0.871. Toluene has a good level of solvency which means that it mixes well with other solvents and also is insoluble in water. Interestingly toluene is created naturally in crude oil and in the tolu tree.

Toluene Uses

Toluene is a commonly used solvent that has many different uses with the industrial industry. Due to its good solvency, it is commonly found in many coating formulations where solvency power is required in order to combine organic compounds. Toluene can be used as a solvent in paint thinners, nail polish removers, silicone sealants, chemical reactions, adhesives and correction fluid. Toluene uses also including removing carpet and vinyl glue, used in chemical manufacturing, and is found in acrylic thinners.

Toluene MSDS