Laundry Powder

Sydney Solvents’ washing powder is highly concentrated to uplift dirt and leave your clothing clean. The formula is designed for both domestic and commercial washing machines in mind, which means it is a mighty cleaner to remove a wide range of stains and dirt. The heavy-duty product works to uplift and removes tough stains to leave your clothes beautifully clean and feeling fresh. Even a little bit of our laundry powder goes a long way because of its highly effective mighty cleaning power. If you’re after a washing powder that makes your clothing cleaner every time then you need to try Sydney Solvent’s EcoMagic laundry powder.

Why choose Sydney Solvents Laundry powder over supermarket laundry powders?

When you use a product that is formulated with the end result in mind rather trying to make more profit like the large supermarkets, you notice the difference in the wash outcome and how much you use. Yes, the supermarkets state they have “highly concentrated” formulas but they are far from it. Our products are Australian made and are genuinely concentrated with high-quality ingredients. Not only that, our laundry liquid is phosphate-free, environmentally friendly and septic safe.