Virus Killers


Virus Killers

The COVID-19 is an enveloped virus, meaning it has an outer shell. These types of viruses with an outer layer is easily damaged by most environmental disinfectants, provided the disinfectant is produced is accordance with the TGA approved formulation and required label. Disinfectants containing >80% alcohol are highly effective against viruses killing all bacteria and germs that can lead to the spread between people. 


Isopropyl Alcohol 100%

The higher percentages of Isopropyl Alcohol are used for cleaning purposes like disinfecting, window cleaning, stainless steel cleaner and when you need to kill bacteria, as well as many other uses. The higher the percentage like Isopropyl Alcohol 100% the greater the evaporation rate, and it is great as it dries faster. The high grades of Isopropyl Alcohol 100% are suitable for the majority uses and is commonly used by industrial users and cleaners.



The Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) has two approved formulations that can be used for hand sanitisation one being Ethanol. Ethanol is highly recommended for sanitising surfaces to kill germs and bacteria that stay on kitchen benches, bathrooms and doorknobs etc. Ethanol can be used at a rate of >80% to be effective. 


Hospital Grade Disinfectant

Hospital-grade disinfectant is the highest grade of disinfectant to fight and kill against germs. Hospital-grade disinfectant is used when you need to ensure hygiene is a priority in environments like doctor’s surgeries, hospitals, laboratories, in childcare, at school, in the home, nursing homes, and other places where it needs to be germ-free. It works to disinfect, clean, kill bacteria and deodorise areas.

Hospital Grade disinfectant can be used on medical equipment, and on other surfaces like environmental surfaces. The high grade means that it is suitable for hospital settings, which means it’s amazing in killing the germs within the household, especially with kids around you need to keep a clean environment.