Pet Care Shampoo

When it comes to pet care we only want the best for our furry friends. Our pet care range includes Horse Shampoo and Dog Shampoo that are both Australian made with quality ingredients. Both are highly concentrated formulas to uplift dirt to leave a fresh coat. Even a little bit of our product goes a long way because if its highly effective cleaning power. Our pet care products are suitable for sensitive skin and have powerful moisturising agents to aid suffering from dry itchy skin.

Why choose Sydney Solvents Pet Care Products?

When you use a product that is formulated with the end result in mind rather trying to make more profit like the large supermarkets, you notice the difference in the wash outcome and how much you use. Using Sydney Solvents’ pet care products your furry friends will wash better every time because the ingredients are high quality and highly concentrated making them very cost-effective as you use less to wash. Our pet care products are environmentally friendly.

Three Tips on a Clean Pet When Washing

  1. Always make sure your animal is calm and not trying to wrestle around. Let them know that they are safe and that it is ok. Even if you need to give them a nice little treat to help them calm down. It is important to be patient.
  2. Give your pet a good wash down with water to remove the top layer of dirt so the shampoo can work its way into the coat easier and making it more efficient. Rinse and condition the coat as well.
  3. Keep rinsing and repeat until the coat is free from all traces of shampoo and conditioner. If you don’t, your poor little friend’s coat may get irritated and dry, and we don’t want that.