Best Bathroom Cleaner

All-Purpose Pristine Bathroom & Tile Cleaner is an all-powerful detergent bathroom cleaner designed to remove dirt, body fats, bath rings and stains with ease. It’s important to clean the bathroom on a regular basis to ensure you and your family is safe as the bathroom is the room with the biggest amounts of bacteria growing. Getting into the habit of a frequent clean will ensure your bathroom is free from harmful germs and bacteria.

Using Pristine Bathroom & Tile cleaner uplifts dirt to leave your bathroom smelling fresh of eucalyptus. The formula is phosphate-free and works extremely hard to refresh your bathroom. From the sink to the walls, toilet, bath, shower, floor and everywhere else in the bathroom, the pristine bathroom cleaner becomes your new bathroom best friend. As it is not bleach-based like most bathroom cleaners it is a safer alternative that will still give you the grit you need to get the job done and clean.