Car Care Products

Sydney Solvents’ Car, Truck and Vehicle Care cleaning products are designed to keep your pride and joy in check. To keep your vehicle in great condition it all starts with the quality of the products you use to keep them clean and operational. That’s why we ensure our products are formulated with the highest quality ingredients. Each product is designed to fight against the everyday build-up of dirt on your vehicle, as well as heavily stained mud, dirt, and grime.

Whether your vehicle is in need of an interior or exterior clean, our products are designed to be powerful but gentle on your vehicle’s interior, surfaces, and engine parts.

Give your exteriors the best treatment and check out our extensive range that includes car wash, truck wash, brake cleaner, degreaser, tyre shine, rig wash rust inhibitor, and carby cleaners. We are sure to have a product that will meet your needs.

After a hard day of work, clean up with our variety of antibacterial hand wash, hand sanitisers, workshop floor cleaners and disinfectants to keep you and your workplace looking sharp!

All products are available in 1L, 5L, 20L, 200L and 1000L (via direct contact).

3 Tips on Washing Your Car

  1. Choose the right cleaner – it’s important to choose a cleaner that’s actually going to clean. Luckily, Sydney Solvents Magic Car Wash and Truck Foaming Wash are powerful cleaners that will provide a thorough clean without dulling the paint, leaving a nice shine.
  2. Use two buckets – one to rinse your sponge, and the other filled with Sydney Solvents Car Wash. This is smart cleaning, otherwise you’ll just be putting the dirt back onto the car.
  3. Don’t wash in direct sunlight – It is better to wash when the sun isn’t as strong so that the foaming wash doesn’t dry up too leaving your car looking dirty.