How To Remove Tar From Your Car Using Kerosene or White Spirits

Author: Briony Maitland   Date Posted:23 July 2018 

How To Remove Tar From Your Car Using Kerosene or White Spirits

How annoying is it to find you have tar all over your car? Yes, we know. After Kylie came home from a long weekend of travelling she found tar on her car, and even the local store couldn't remove it. If you don't know Kylie, she is one of the bosses here at Sydney Solvents, and is highy creative when it comes to using products. If you have a problem, she knows which product is best, especially when it comes to our cleaning range. 

So when there was tar on the car we wanted to remove it to ensure there wasn't paint damage, and to be honest it doesn’t look too good with tar marks everywhere. We have just used a basic way to remove tar but it worked here for us.

Here’s what you will need:

  • Clean rags
  • Kerosene or White Spirits
  • Soap and water

How to:

  1. Use soapy water to clean the area thoroughly, removing surrounding dirt. Use a soft cloth to ensure there is no damage to the car.
  2. Seconding put the a bit of Kerosene or White Spirit onto a cloth and work it on to the tar leaving it to rest for up to about 5 minutes or so.
  3. Once the time has passed use a cloth to easily remove the tar away. The degreasing agent in the Kerosene and White Spirits breaks down the tar to allow it to move away.

Now you can remove the tar from your car! How easy is that. Of course, use a small bit of solvent at the time and test it on an area beforehand. Other than that it is an easy way to remove tar from your car. Now Kylie's car looks back to brand new condition! If you have any tips or tricks on Kerosene or White Spirit we'd love to hear them. Comment below, or send us an email to

*All information provided is a recommendation. We cannot guarantee the uses as each application has various characteristics and therefore we cannot be certain it will work for you*  

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