Using Acetone to Remove Super Glue

Author: Briony Maitland   Date Posted:5 August 2018 

Using Acetone to Remove Super Glue

When you are stuck in a bit of a sticky situation Acetone can help.

The properties in Acetone act to break down the super glue and dissolve it for easy removal. It is important to be extremely careful when using Acetone especially when applying it to the skin.

Removing Super Glue

Removing Super Glue from Skin: use a small amount of Acetone on a cotton tip and apply it to the area, and it should dissolve. Remember to be cautious when pulling away the skin to avoid damage. After wash hands thoroughly.

Removing Super Glue from Fabric: removing it from fabric requires a slow build of acetone to remove it. Using a small brush like a toothbrush and slowly working the acetone in should remove it away. Wash the fabric after thoroughly as acetone can cause discolouration.

Removing Super Glue from Bench Surface: using a brush apply the acetone to the desired area and try to avoid getting it on anything else but the superglue area to avoid damage to materials. Let it soak there and after a few minutes try remove the super glue. After clean the area with soapy water.

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If I try to remove the glue after a couple months?

By: on 5 September 2023
So let's say I cannot find any acetone in a long period of time. During this time there is super glue on my fingers. If I use acetone go remove the glue after a very long time will it still work?

acetone cleanup of SLA 3D printed arts.

16 September 2021
Hi Briony, I use acetone to clean up printed parts from my 3D resin printer. I find I get much better results using acetone over IPA that is recommended by many other users.

Sydney Solvents Response
Thanks for your feedback!

acetone to clesn up after fibre glassing

By: on 7 August 2018
Hi Briony , I the acetone to clean up my fibre glassing tools pour a small amount in a container . Then I place the tools in use a brush to wash off the resin

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