Will isopropyl alcohol kill bed bugs?

Date Posted:25 February 2019 

Isopropyl alcohol, also known as the bed bug killer, kills the bed bugs and insects by dissolving their cells. The alcohol gets into the insects’ organs and pretty much disintegrates them as their skin is quite sensitive to alcohol. When it comes to the eggs, the isopropyl alcohol will destroy the eggs by drying them out and repelling the bugs from laying anymore.

Deciding between the two different percentages: 70% works a little better (and cheaper) as it doesn’t evaporate off as quickly, so it has time to work in and kill the bugs. However, the 100% alcohol is perfect to kill and dry out the eggs as there is less moisture. We do recommend the 100% and if needed you can dilute it down to 70% with water, so that you have both dilutions to work with.

It should be known, that although there are studies that show isopropyl alcohol kills the bugs, you may not be entirely free from them. Bed bugs can lay hundreds of eggs everywhere, so although you may have tackled what you can see there are so many hiding around so you may now to get a pest expert in.

But yes, isopropyl alcohol does kill bed bugs.

These Are Short Answers, if you would like a more in-depth answer please contact us or you may need to do more research. This is just to help you and merely a suggestion.

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