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We are currently experiencing shipping issues with our current courier that deliver our 1L and 5L containers to your doorstep. There will be delays with orders made between 02/02/2020 - the current date. We apologise to all our valued customers for this issue that has arisen, we are striving to have it fixed up immediately. For any new orders, there will be a delay from our normal fast service, as we are sorting through the backlog. 


Please bear with us during this time. We will have the situation sorted shortly; we can't wait to do business with you in the future! 


Have a great week. 


Looking for Isopropyl Alcohol? Learn more about Isopropyl Alcohol from Sydney Solvents.

Have you heard of the many benefits of Isopropyl Alcohol? If yes, Sydney Solvents are here to help you further understand the uses of Isopropyl Alcohol. You can’t find Isopropyl Alcohol at our price in Sydney or across Australia, that’s why we offer pick up at our Penrith Sydney store or shipping across Australia from Sydney to Brisbane to Melbourne to Adelaide to right across to Perth. With daily shipments from Sydney we can get Isopropyl Alcohol to you…Read more about Isopropyl Alcohol Benefits.


Needing Kerosene Fuel for you Kerosene Heater? Not a problem we have it here at Sydney Solvents.

Kerosene fuel is hard to find these days since they no longer sell at your local service station. However, you will find that we sell Kerosene Fuel and have plenty of it. Here at Sydney Solvents we are easy to deal with, available for local pick up Penrith or delivered to you across Australia. Kerosene fuel can help keep you warm this winter at an affordable price…Check out Kerosene Range.


Do you need Solvents in Sydney? Consider Sydney Solvents for all your Solvent and Cleaning needs in Sydney.

With over 20 years’ experience serving the Sydney Area, as well as across Australia, Sydney Solvents is a leader in 1 Litre, 5 Litre, 20 Litre, 200 Litre and Bulk sizes. We have a range of Solvents from Acetone, Xylene, Isopropyl Alcohol, X55 Solvent, Kerosene and more. When you need Solvents delivered to your door or business in Sydney considered us as we can arrange for next day delivery, or try for same day delivery, just ask us. Our online store makes it easier for you to reorder previous products, keep track of your items, and setup up accounts for businesses...Learn more about Business Options.