Butyl Iconil - Butyl Glycol

Butyl Glycol also known as Butyl Iconil is colourless liquid with a mild odour. The product is quite versatile and has a boiling point of 171 ºC and a flash point of 67 ºC, making Butyl Iconil a non-flammable product. The product is miscible in water and solvents.

Butyl Glycol Uses

Butyl Iconil (BGE) is widely used in the paint, coatings, and printing industries. It has a low volatility and can be used to extend the drying time of coatings and improves the flow of the product in many physical paint drying systems. BGE is also used as a solvent component for surface cleaners, hydraulic fluids and cutting and drilling oils.

Butyl Glycol Ether can be used in the formulations of products such as firefighting foam, leather protectors, degreasers, whiteboard cleaners, liquid soaps, cosmetics, dry cleaning solutions, asphalt release agents and more. In the petroleum industry butyl glycol is commonly used because of its surfactant properties.