Butyl Acetate

n-Butyl Acetate is a widely used ester that is a clear, bright liquid with a slight fruity odour. Butyl acetate is the ester of butanol and the “n” refers to normal. The flash point of butyl acetate is 23 ºC and a boiling range of 124-128 ºC. The Butyl Acetate has a very fast evaporation rate, and good solvency in hydrocarbons and resins.

Butyl Acetate Uses

Butyl Acetate is an important solvent in the paints industry on accounts of its versatility. It is an excellent solvent for resins, polymers and for fats and oils. Butyl Acetate’s moderate volatility and it’s resistance to blushing and levelling problems such as orange peel effects make it possible for paints with excellent levelling and gloss to be formulated.

Butyl Acetate has a good solvency with a wide variety of other solvents, as well it can be used in a variety of thinners and coatings.