Our Top 5 Tips for a Spring Clean Office Space

Author: Sydney Solvents   Date Posted:19 September 2017 

Keeping your office clean can be hard, especially on busy days, so we have provided a few tips to help you out.

1.Disinfectant - Always have a disinfectant handy to ensure benches, cupboards, chairs, and you can even spray the carpet to ensure a fresh smell.

2.Make time to clean - Set out a time to clean so that you know it needs to be done. We do a big clean every week, with daily cleaning, and no matter how often there is always dirt!

3.Isopropyl Alcohol – If you don’t have it, you If you need to get rid of finger marks on the microwave, windows or cupboards use Isopropyl Alcohol for a streak-free finish. Isopropyl Alcohol also kills germs acting as a disinfectant.

4.Tile Cleaner – If you have floor tiles like us, keeping them clean is a must! Our Pristine Bathroom Cleaner is highly concentrated and gets rid of the mud, and built up dirt our workers bring in on the floor. Soak the mop in ½ of Pristine Bathroom Cleaner with warm water for the best results.

5.Keyboards, Phones and Calculators – These three items carry the most bacteria, a daily wipe down is necessary! Use Isopropyl Alcohol to wipe them down or a pleasant-smelling disinfectant to stop the spread of germs.

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