Can't Stand Flies? Neither can we. Check out our tips for managing flies this Summer.

Author: Briony Maitland   Date Posted:1 November 2017 

Ultimate Bug & Fly Away Keep those flies away this Summer with our help.

We all love Summer but hate the flies, so what can we do? You could drown yourself in fly spray but that is definitely not the answer.

Flies are attracted to sweet smells, food and pretty much anything they can eat off. What they aren’t attracted to is our formulation of ingredients which keeps them away. It is non-hazardous and is a safe product to deter the flies.

How to apply it:

No need to dilute, simply spray on to the surface (indoor or outdoor) and then wipe over with a clean cloth. Super easy!

Tips to further keep them away outdoors:

1.Keep food covered.

Summer means BBQ weather, however it is important to keep food covered to keep the flies away. There’s nothing worse than a fly hanging around on your food.

2.Sweet Treats

As much as you love sweet treats, I guarantee flies love them more! Flies live for sweet, sugary items so if you’re drink wine, beer or soda use cups with lids to keep the, away. If there is a spill remember to wipe it up straight away to keep them away.

3.Put the fans on

Blow them away with the wind. It is the easiest way. Flies can’t fly very well in the wind so having a fan going means that they can’t fly there.

This Summer is definitely going to be a hot one, which means more flies about. If you have any tips please feel free to share as we would love to hear them!


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