Differences in Degreasers

Author: Briony Maitland   Date Posted:8 November 2017 

Not sure which degreaser you need? Here is a little help.

Need a degreaser? But not sure which one? We can help by breaking it down for you.

Eze Blast Away – Caustic Based Degreaser

  • Suitable for paint surfaces, motor body surfaces and will not affect alloy.
  • Apply onto the area and hose off with water for great results.

Sydney Solvents caustic based workshop degreaser known as eze blast away is a great cleaner to have around the workshop and garage as there are so many uses for it. Eze blast away is the perfect degreaser for high-pressure applications that will not affect ducco or alloy. Most effective in the automotive industry to remove grease, grime, and other build-ups.

Solvent Based Degreaser

  • Heavy-duty degreaser suitable for bitumen, asphalt, and tar.
  • If using it on a paint surface make sure you thoroughly wash it off as it may affect paints.

Sydney Solvents degreaser is not an all-purpose degreasing type product as it is quite heavy duty and solvent-based. The product is developed to be used for professional use to remove grease, brake dust, asphalt, silicone and other contaminants. It is important to know using it on a paint surface make sure you thoroughly wash off as it may affect paints.

Detergent Based Degreaser - Alkaline Based Degreaser

  • Heavy-duty degreaser is suitable for the removal of fat and grease from kitchens, canopies, vinyl, ceramics tiles, walls, floors and truck curtains on truck liners.
  • It is important to dilute the product down according to the job and application as it is heavy-duty.

The all-purpose degreaser is a heavy-duty detergent-based degreaser designed to rapidly clean and uplift dirt, making it the perfect cleaner to have around the home and workplace. As the product is alkaline rich, it works efficiently so you don’t have to. The great thing about the all-purpose cleaner is that it gets in and does the job but does not affect plastics, rubber, metal, glass or cured paintwork.

All our degreasers are great for many different applications and some are better suited than others, so if you are not sure which to go for we are more than happy to help you in the right direction.

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