8 Uses for Ethanol Around the Home

Author: Briony Maitland   Date Posted:6 August 2018 

With a bit of investigation, Ethanol has more uses than just heating. It is always great to get multi-use out of products, so we have put together a list of uses, read the full blog here: 8 Uses for Ethanol Around the Home.

8 Uses for Ethanol Around the Home

Ethanol or Bioethanol, is also known as Ethyl Alcohol, has many uses. We have put together our most valuable uses for every day and around the workshop.

Window Cleaner and Glass Cleaner

Ethanol has these amazing compounds that when used as a window cleaner it leaves it streak-free. You’ll find that a lot of window cleaners have Ethanol in it as it evaporates quickly to leave them streak-free.

Removes Grease and Stains

Applying ethanol to a cloth and working into the area will remove grease and uplift stains. Then after use warm soapy water to remove the excess for a perfect finish.

Used as an Anti-Bacterial Cleaner

The anti-bacterial properties Ethanol possess means that is awesome for disinfecting surfaces like wood, plastic and glass. The quick evaporation means that it leaves no residue behind. The denatured component of Ethanol means that prevents bacteria growing and kills the present bacteria.


Ethanol or Bioethanol is perfect for using in the Ethanol heaters. Releasing a lovely warm heat to keep you warm during the colder months.


After sanding away, use a piece of cloth soaked in Ethanol and wipe down the wood piece. You will find that it will remove all the excess sawdust. When doing this the Ethanol will evaporate quickly, raising the sawdust for easy removal and a smooth finish.

Pest Control

If you have problems with bugs on your plants or bed-bugs, using Ethanol will kill the bugs but won’t destroy your plants or sheets.

Remove Mould

Applying Ethanol to the patches of mould, allowing it to soak and then wipe it off. The ethanol will help kill and remove the mould.

Remove Sticky Residue

Applying Ethanol onto a cloth and using it on the sticker, it will uplift and make it easier to remove. It also works on dissolving super glue.


*All information provided is a recommendation. We cannot guarantee the uses as each application has various characteristics and therefore we cannot be certain it will work for you*  

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By: on 25 November 2021
Was wondering if ethanol is safe to breathe and / or get on skin?

Sydney Solvents Response
Hi there, You can have minor reactions from Ethanol, breathing or skin contact. These reactions depend on the individual person, we always recommend testing first. The Ethanol that we supply is the same Ethanol that you can drink but it does contain denaturants in accordance with the ATO to prevent you from drinking it.

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